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Visa service at MultiChoice Travel

A trip cannot take place if you do not obtain a visa to Russia, China, Belarus or any other destination point. This is a time-consuming process that does not encourage a traveler, but procurement visas must be secured. How to obtain a Russian, Chinese or any other visa fast? Put MultiChoice Travel at work! We have extensive experience helping clients to obtain visas to destinations around the world.

Whether you need a tourist or a business visa, or you need an expedited visa – our visa service staff will help you to meet travel document requirements, obtain a travel passport or other documents related to your passport or visa.

You can only travel once you have a valid visa for your country of destination. Thus, it is very important to obtain a visa in accordance with all required steps. MultiChoice Travel will guide you through the details of visa processing. Professional experts guarantee visa support with MultiChoice Travel. In turn, you only need to think about your vacation.

Choose a country of destination on our website and you will receive full information about visa requirements. We will help you with visa application and make the visa processing for you easy and smooth.

If you need a visa, please remember:

  • Dates indicated on the visa allow visiting a country only within the specified period. You cannot travel to this country before or after the visa has expired.
  • Dates indicated on the visa cannot be changed. If the circumstances do not allow you to visit the country within the dates indicated on the visa, you will need to obtain a new visa for an additional fee.

Now that you know how to obtain a visa within the shortest period of time and with no stress, MultiChoice Travel wishes you a pleasant trip!